Ahmed Abbas holds a Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Avans and a Master in Interior Architecture from Hasselt University in Belgium. He has six years of experience as an architect in leading his own company. He has been a lecturer at the University of Newroz (Iraq) since 2014, where he teaches Modern Design and coordinates Working / Drawing and Building Construction. Since 2015 he has been working on his Ph.D. entitled “A Proposed Methodology for the Adaptive Reuse of Traditional Buildings in the Buffer Zone of Erbil Citadel”.

Karen Lensholds a Master in Architecture and Architecture Sciences from Sint-Lucas and KU Leuven, both in Belgium. She worked for 10 years as an architect specializing in adaptive reuse, energy efficiency and design for all. In 2012, Karen started a Ph.D. on the reinterpretation of underused monastic sites in Limburg (Belgium) and Western Europe at Hasselt University. She is also engaged in several design studios concerning adaptive reuse and collective dwelling at the same university.



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