Int|AR: Interventions Adaptive Reuse is an annual publication by the editors in chief: Markus Berger + Liliane Wong, and the Department of Interior Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design.

Contributing to the international discourse on Interior Architecture, the journal addresses issues of existing structures and adaptive reuse by promoting creative explorations of this subject through exemplary works in which sustainability is one important facet. Its domain encompasses issues of preservation, conservation, alteration and interventions in the field of architecture and interior studies and practice, but also in the realms of urban and landscape design, and their repercussions in the history and theory of architecture, urbanism, art and design.

By exploring distinct viewpoints and approaches to specific themes, and by selecting contributions through a peer-review process, Int|AR is conceived as an engaging forum in which different and possibly controversial views are expressed.

Established in 2009 by founding members Markus Berger, Heinrich Hermanin + Liliane Wong in North America. Int|AR is available in printed form through BIRKHÄUSER/ DEGRUYTER and Amazon.

Indexed in Wilson and EBSCO.