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RISD Events was a bi-weekly publication focusing primarily on putting out a calendar of events happening in and around the school. The issue of January 21-February 4, 1981 includes concerts, plays, art exhibitions, lectures, dance recitals and workshops on the RISD campus and in the Providence community. Resident assistant application for the 1981-1982 year were available for interested students in the Student Affairs office.



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Providence, Rhode Island


RISD, art school, art college, student publications, student newspapers, Alex Schlubach, student board, student lawyer, Renata von Tscharner, Otis and Deanie, Dorothy Jungels, Paige Rense, blood drive, Take-a-break Weekend, Jonathan Edwards, Jeffrey Hoffeld, Salvadore Mancini, George Aravjo, John Randolph, Betty Martin, Woods-Gerry, Janice Glode, Carl Talley, Hilary Fritz, Mary Jean Nowak, Robert Tendrowe, Taggart Aitkin, Pam Grossi, Kevin McPhee, Deborah Thomas, Elizabeth Fields, Stephen Rosen, Daniel Gorini, Arthur Upscomb, Timothy Barnes, Susan Epstein, Lucio Privitello, Tony Ascrini, Mary Sullivan, Brad Buckley, O. Louis Guglielmi, Trinity Square Theater, Trinity Rep


Aesthetics | Architecture | Art and Design | Art Education | Creative Writing | History of Art, Architecture, and Archaeology | Music | Theatre and Performance Studies

RISD Events January 21, 1981



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