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artists' books, Baker & Whitehill Annual Student Artists' Book Contest, sixth


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Experimental and Foundation Studies

Faculty / Course

Judy Maloney

Materials + Techniques

Hand illustrated and cut, printed text on tan paper, bookboard, book cloth, museum board, paper, ribbon

Student Narrative

Williamina Fleming was a Scottish maid-turned-human computer who sparked a change in the male dominated field of astronomy through her analyzation of stellar spectra at the Harvard Observatory. This book highlights her achievements and draws a parallel between the atypicality of the nebula and of her life. Through the journey from Earth to Fleming 1, the vast distance between them is emphasized through the inclusion of well known astronomical objects along the way, such as Polaris and the Horsehead Nebula.

Photo Credit

Connor Parsley FAV 20

Fleming 1 Planetary Nebula



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