Our Kitchen



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Publication Date

Winter 1-1-2016


artists' books, student artists' book contest, third


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation




Faculty / Course

Suzette Cozzens, Bookmaker

Materials + Techniques

Handmade box, printed book cloth, card stock for pages

Student Narrative

I’ve always been fascinated with the kitchen in my childhood home. It is the place where my family sat down together every night for dinner and conversation, the place I did my homework, where I baked everyone’s birthday cakes, painted and drew pictures, played with my dogs, laughed and argued with my sister, watched the daily news, checked off important dates on the calendar, gulped down my medicine when I was sick, and made Christmas breakfast with my mom, babci and sister. If I needed something from the kitchen, I would know where to find it. There are seventeen cabinet doors and seven drawers that together take up two walls. Recently, I have scrummaged through the objects that reside in the worlds behind the many doors and draws, that sit on the counter, and live on the shelf above the cabinets, and rediscovered things that hold many different memories. This book is a reflection of my childhood through objects found in our kitchen.

Our Kitchen



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