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copyright credits: Front and back covers and "Major Arcana" copyright© 1978 by Denis Kitchen. "Major Arcana" splash panel © 1975 by Denis Kitchen. Inside front cover, Inside back cover, and centerfold art© 1975 and 1976 by Peter Pontiac. "Situation Comedy" © 1978 by Bill Griffith. "Life's Improper Number" and "More Iron"© 1978 by Steve Stiles. "Li'I Waymuth" © 1978 by Bob Armstrong. "Henry Foulbite" © 1978 by Art Spiegelman. "Tony Target" ©1978 by Mark Beyer. "Przetlety Ptak"© 1978 by Tom Budzinski. "Grim Grids"© 1977 by Robert Crumb. "zz!z!" © 1978 by Kim Deitch. "Dual/Duel"© 1978 by Larry Rippee. Fantasy drawing ©1978 by Joel Beck. "Chicken Fat"© 1978 by Peter Poplaski. Untitled flying whale story © 1978 by Mike Newhall. The Adler Archive of Underground Comix, Gift of Bill Adler.

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Princeton, Wisc. : Kitchen Sink Enterprises, 1978.

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Kitchen Sink Enterprises




comix, comic book, comics, underground comix, adult content, Adler Archive of Underground Comix


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©Princeton, Wisc. : Kitchen Sink Enterprises, 1978.

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