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volumes : illustrations. Began in 1976 with #1; ceased in 1993 with #17. American Splendor is a series of autobiographical comic books written by Harvey Pekar and drawn by a variety of artists. The first issue was published in 1976 and the last one in September 2008, with publication occurring at irregular intervals (Pekar died in 2010). Publishers were, at various times, Harvey Pekar himself, Dark Horse Comics, and DC Comics. In addition to R. Crumb, Pekar's most well-known and longest-running collaborators included Gary Dumm, Greg Budgett, Spain Rodriguez, Joe Zabel, Gerry Shamray, Frank Stack, Mark Zingarelli, and Joe Sacco. Other notable American Splendor illustrators include Alison Bechdel, Brian Bram, Chester Brown, Alan Moore, David Collier, Drew Friedman, Dean Haspiel, Val Mayerik, Josh Neufeld, Jim Woodring, and Ed Piskor. The later Vertigo Comics-published issues employed a new crop of artists, including Ty Templeton, Richard Corben, Hunt Emerson, Eddie Campbell, Gilbert Hernandez, Ho Che Anderson, and Rick Geary. Color illustrated cover, b&w interiors Library has issues 1-16. The Adler Archive of Underground Comix, Gift of Bill Adler.

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1976-1992 : Cleveland Heights, Ohio : H. Pekar


28 cm

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H. Pekar


Cleveland Heights


comix, comic book, comics, underground comix, adult content, Adler Archive of Underground Comix


Book and Paper


©1980 : Cleveland Heights, Ohio : H. Pekar

American Splendor, No. 5



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