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3 numbers black-and-white illustrations. Frequency: Annual Publication dates: Began with no. 1 (September, 1977); ceased with no. 3 (June, 1979). "Not for sale to children." Fog City Comics is a three-issue anthology published in Vancouver (the fog city, get it?) by Stampart. They are notable for giving us three terrific Rand Holmes covers and one Holmes story in each of the books. Edited by Terry Hamilton, the series is not one of the stronger contributions to the post-golden-era underground ouevre, but there are certainly some gems to be found. The first issue features funny animal stories throughout, a theme that has seen its share of failures in the past and this is probably one of them. The third issue is 68 pages and easily the best of the series, with a brilliant self-reflective story from Rand Holmes, an epic tale from George Metzger, and several decent contributions from Brent Boates. Library has No. 1 (September, 1977) & No. 3 (1979). The Adler Archive of Underground Comix, Gift of Bill Adler.

Publication Date

Fall 9-1-1977

Imprint / Year

Vancouver, BC, Canada Stampart TM, 1977-


26 cm

RISD Fleet Library Catalog Record


Canada Stampart TM




comix, comic book, comics, underground comix, adult content, Adler Archive of Underground Comix


Book and Paper


©Vancouver, BC, Canada Stampart TM, 1977-

Fog City Comics, No. 1



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