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This fibula (pin), used for closing or securing garments, is a masterpiece of ancient gold-working. Tiny animals and figures, mythical and real, cover the pin. They were formed using tiny beads of gold (a process called granulation) fashioned in a fluid, curving style reminiscent of pottery of the seventh century BCE, when the Etruscans reached the height of their technical virtuosity in granulation. In the center of the decoration is a figure common in Etruscan art: the ‘master of the beasts,’ a winged man with two faces. The figure originated in the Near East and became especially prominent in Etruscan art during this period. 7th century BCE

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RISD Museum


Providence, Rhode Island


Rhode Island School of Design Museum; Etruscan; jewelry; Mythology; animals; gold; granulation; Master of the Beasts


Metal and Jewelry Arts

Pin (Fibula)



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