Date of Award

Spring 6-1-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Industrial Design


Industrial Design

First Advisor

Agi Hanies

Second Advisor

Lia Colman


To achieve recognition of when we might under anxiety attack, the first step is to introduce the practice of expressing ourselves with wearable devices- Nudo for users to say “no”, “I am not in a good condition” with no words, gently reveal your emotional status and give you the sense of support. Nudo works like the defense mechanism of humans and gathers our body signals that are triggered from anxiety as a recording piece that allows users to track what’s happening during every specific moment. It also works as a reminder for those who might not recognize their own anxiety.

Nudo connects to several sensors including the GSR sensors and heart rate sensors, the motors that can pull the string which is being inserted into its own structure. When those sensors detect the changing of your body conditions such as heart rate goes up, cold sweat, those sensors will send out the signal that triggers the motors to pull the string to achieve the movement of the Nudo. Eventually, Nudo will breathe, shrink and tighten when your body experiences anxiety. And whenever it moves, that’s the moment you need to pay attention to. Because at this moment, your body tries to inform you and take action to protect you. Now Nudo will softly inform this world including you, focusing and listening to your heart. Try to clean your thoughts a bit, by following its temple. Like breathing, a deep breath.

It’s a soft, playable wearable cushion, it creates a small space for you to hide part of your body away, it demonstrates and expresses yourself to the world softly, silently. It gently soothes and accompanies you when you need it. You are welcome to recognize the pattern of how your emotion functions with Nudo. Eventually, every small moment when we feel weird, even we don't recognize it, is still important and worthy to be awarded. After all, rolling stones gather no moss, with the full understanding of ourselves, we can finally know when and how things affect us, and face it, toggle it. Empower yourself, embrace yourself.


View exhibition online: WenYu Du, Beyond conscious: the knowing of self-owned anxiety



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