Date of Award

Spring 6-3-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Jewelry and Metalsmithing

First Advisor

Timothy Veske-McMahon

Second Advisor

Christopher Specce

Third Advisor

Lauren Fensterstock


In Algorithmic Mirage, I delve into the intricate connections between black-box algorithms, perception, and control. This artist book presents a series of thought-provoking projects that expose the ways in which algorithmic distortions shape our understanding of value, relationships, and social norms. By materializing the intangible and using jewelry as a metaphor, I reveal the power dynamics that drive our interactions with technology and each other. The book unfolds through three interconnected projects, each focusing on different aspects of the relationship between black-box algorithms and human perception. The first project, Boxed Rings - Algorithmic Distortion, uses diamond rings as an entry point, illustrating the parallels between the manipulation of perceived value in both the diamond industry and the digital world. The second project, Shattering Algorithmic Echoes, showcases my personal journey towards breaking free from the filter bubble effect by exploring memories and connections in a series of multimedia artworks. The final piece, Invisible 'V'-Connections, examines the pervasive influence of algorithmically-driven social media content on our beliefs and desires, highlighting the blurred boundaries between the virtual and the real. Throughout Algorithmic Mirage, I employ a variety of materials and techniques, such as 3D printing, QR codes, video, and mixed media, to create a rich visual language that conveys complex ideas about the black-box algorithm. By transforming abstract concepts into tangible and wearable art, I invite readers to critically engage with the information they consume and to remain cautious when navigating the digital landscape. Ultimately, Algorithmic Mirage serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of questioning our perceptions and maintaining control over our own experiences in an increasingly algorithm-driven world.



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