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Spring 2014


For her ACP project, Marie Cieri, part-time faculty member in Graduate Studies and HPSS and an artist and map-maker with a doctorate in geography, conducted research and developed workshops aimed at enhancing map and spatial literacy and map-making among undergraduates at RISD, exploring the question: “How do and can we use mapping—literally and figuratively, specifically and broadly—in a studio or writing or public practice, in a Liberal Arts course of study and in society at large?” Her research took two paths: interviewing faculty at RISD and contacting other art and design schools to discover how “mapping,” in the broadest sense, is engaged across disciplines; and investigating new developments in map-making, in particular the analytical and representational capacities of open-source and low-cost GIS and mapping software. Cieri also led workshops for RISD undergraduates designed to build both critical map reading and interpretation skills and basic map production knowledge.