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Spring 2014


Kevin’s project investigated how RISD’s fine arts curricula currently do and might better reflect the interdisciplinary realities of art production and reception. He interviewed faculty, students, and deans and conducted extensive archival research to create a series of case studies and highlight key issues, obstacles, and opportunities. He began by asking: “What existing courses in the undergraduate fine arts curricula aim to foster an interdisciplinary conversation similar to that taking place outside of academia? What existing courses offer possibilities for fostering this conversation? Which interdisciplinary efforts have stuck, which have fallen by the wayside, and why? What are the opportunities (and limitations) in existing models like concentrations, double- majors, ISPs, and CSPs? What points of curricular flexibility are common to multiple departments and therefore offer potential for integrated curriculum? Are there models within our graduate fine arts programs at RISD that could inform the undergrad curriculum?” His extensive responses fall into distinct categories and offer both an extensive survey of past efforts to foster interdisciplinary student and a wide range of possibilities for moving ahead.