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HONORABLE MENTION | $100 Entry for the 10th Baker & Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest. Opening Reception Thursday, February 29th, 2024 Fleet Library, Main Reading Room. Juror: Ian Cozzens BArch 05.


artists' books; Baker & Whitehill; Honorable Mention


Book and Paper

Student Status

Undergraduate student

Year of Graduation



Graphic Design

Faculty / Course

Pouya Ahmadi, Typography 3

Materials + Techniques

Silver Mirricard Foil 300GSM, Grafix Polyester Film Silver,OMnilux Opaque Digital 105lb, Classic linen- Text Solor white, Printed on DC- Prime Link at Design Centre, RISD ; Cover is de-bossed using a Polymer plate and the letter press

Student Narrative

This publication is a typographical translation of the essay film 'What are you' by Tejal Shah. As stated by the director, the film 'proposes an ironic, subversive vision of Utopia: A Utopia of perversion that is articulated through various modes and strategies of fantasy.'

What are you?' amplifies the voices of the Hijra community in India, often called the 'third gender', shedding light on their existence at the societal periphery despite current legal frameworks. Expanding on the film's political dialogue and artistic direction, this book means to recontextualize India's discourse around gender politics. Providing a kaleidoscopic view of what is presented as irreversible facts, it celebrates a community's identity while subverting its external perception. What are you?- is a question that carries such specificity, a specificity that this book channels through pervasion. It channels an ever-expanding identity that has no limits and exists in worlds beyond the physical and tangible. In this non-linear, multidimensional space, these two books display the tension between living separately while depending on the other for clarity.

Photo Credit

Miles Tong 2025 FAV

What are you



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