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Entry for the 10th Baker & Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest. Opening Reception Thursday, February 29th, 2024 Fleet Library, Main Reading Room. Juror: Ian Cozzens BArch 05.


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Book and Paper

Student Status

Graduate student

Year of Graduation



Graphic Design

Faculty / Course

Nancy Skolos, Graduate Type I

Materials + Techniques

Designed using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator, printed on matte paper using the Page Wide Printer in the CIT Print Center

Student Narrative

"Archiving is the New Folk Art: A Sampler" contains excerpts of an essay/chapter in "Wasting Time on the Internet" by Kenneth Goldsmith (a graduate of RISD). In it, he discusses the ways in which bookmarking, saving things on Pinterest, and organizing digital files has become an impulse integrated into our everyday lives.

The zine, which features a few excerpts of the essay split into a handful of sections, is folded into 16 pages which can open up into horizontal or vertical spreads. When open as a spread, they are typically symmetrical in design. The images reference Pinterest, the Gees Bend quilters, an example of a “casual” archive, and a related essay about the use of screenshots as an archiving and curatorial method.

It also opens completely flat which resembles a cross between a quilt (common in American folk art) and American folk art samplers which feature cross stitching and embroidery. The "frames" on each page were originally made up of letterforms before they were pixelated. The pixelation of all the illustrative elements relates to the idea of cross stitched embroidery, as well as digital pixel art used as icons on early low-res computers or early blogs and websites.

Note: This was a final assignment for "Graduate Type I" taught by Nancy Skolos. Each student picks a body of text of their choosing (or writes their own) to turn into a zine.

Photo Credit

Miles Tong 2025 FAV

Archiving is the New Folk Art: A Sampler



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