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Entry for the 10th Baker & Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest. Opening Reception Thursday, February 29th, 2024 Fleet Library, Main Reading Room. Juror: Ian Cozzens BArch 05.


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Graduate student

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Digital print (xerox, plotter)

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The comic book Shitopia presents a concept in which excrement inherits the characteristics and memories of its human creators. The narrative of the comic's first issue begins with a unique main character - a poop - who embarks on a surreal journey through an underground utopia, a realm designed specifically for these poop residents. The artist’s vision, inspired by abject art principles, transforms this poop world into a vibrant landscape with a warm and bright palette that contrasts sharply with the inherent nature of excrement.

This project is more than an exploration of an imaginative utopian world; it's a commentary on critical social issues such as patriarchy, persecution of gender and sexual minorities, and class struggles. By juxtaposing the ugliness in humanity with the innocence and vibrancy of this excremental utopia, the artist aims to provoke thought and introspection. Readers are invited to journey with the main character, not only through a fantastical realm, but through layers of satirical representation and emotional resonance.

Shitopia is an artistic endeavor that challenges perceptions and encourages readers to contemplate the elusive nature of a utopian society while confronting their personal traumas. It's a journey to inner peace, set in a world that mirrors the absurdity and complexity of our own, motivating a deeper understanding of what it means to seek and perhaps find one's own utopia amidst the chaos.

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Miles Tong 2025 FAV




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