Oral History Interview with Peter Prip, April 2, 2021

Oral History Interview with Peter Prip, April 2, 2021


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Interview of Peter Prip, conducted by Ingrid Neuman on Zoom from Prip's studio in Edgewood, RI on April 2, 2021 for the RISD Oral History Project. Prip speaks of his experience growing up in an artistic environment and the influence of his father, John (Jack) Prip, a master metalsmith and professor of Jewelry + Metalsmithing at RISD. Prip also recalls teaching Metals I at RISD and working with Ken Hunnibell. Along with this, Prip discusses changes which have occurred during his time at RISD and his relationship with the RISD Museum through faculty shows and donations.

Biographical/Historical Note

Peter Prip is an adjunct professor and metalsmith who has taught in the Department of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design since 1988, retiring in 2020. From 1990-2020, Prip served as the Senior Critic of Industrial Design at RISD. Prip attended the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for American Craftsmen metalsmithing program from 1968-1972. He participated in an apprenticeship with Master Metalsmith Ronald Pearson from 1976-1979 and worked as a studio assistant to his father, Master Metalsmith John Prip, from 1980-1983.

Prip is interviewed by Ingrid Neumann, Senior Conservator of Sculpture for the RISD Museum since 2007. In 2009, Neumann began teaching "The Art of Art Conservation" course at RISD. She received a BA in Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1981, an MA in Advanced Studies in Three-Dimensional Objects Conservation from the State University College at Buffalo in 1987, and a Teaching Certificate from Brown University in 2009. The interview takes place in 2021.

Oral History Interview with Peter Prip, April 2, 2021



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Industrial Design, John (Jack) Prip, Rochester, Frans Wildenhain, Metals, Jewelry, dyslexia, Ken Hunnibell, Metals I, faculty show, RISD Museum, Gorham Manufacturing Company, metalsmithing, Jim Pelto


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