Oral History Interview with Baruch Kirschenbaum, February 2, 2006

Oral History Interview with Baruch Kirschenbaum, February 2, 2006


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Interview of Baruch (Barry) Kirschenbaum conducted by Andrew Martinez in [?] on February 2, 2006. Kirschenbaum speaks of his experience within art history before coming to RISD and how these influenced his interest in the function of art and the courses he would teach at RISD. Kirschenbaum also recalls different lectures and events he was involved in while at RISD including team teaching courses during Wintersession with Colgate Searle and Gary Metz, cabarets with Szymon Boiko, The Great Slidebox Swap with Dirk Bach, and the European Honors Program (EHP) in Rome. Along with this, Kirschenbaum discusses his role in the court case after the raiding of the Private Parts exhibition by Providence Police and what it was like working under the administration of RISD President Lee Hall.

Transcript forthcoming.

Biographical/Historical Note

Baruch (Barry) Kirschenbaum (1931-2024) taught Art History at the Rhode Island School of Design from 1962-2001, including terms as head of the Art History department and chair/dean of the Liberal Arts division.

Kirschenbaum is interviewed by Andrew Martinez, a RISD archivist, on February 2, 2006. Video photography by Al Chin.

Oral History Interview with Baruch Kirschenbaum, February 2, 2006



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Baruch Kirschenbaum


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Art History, William Rubin, Harvard University, John Frazier, Albert Bush-Brown, Fenno Hoffman, Sculpture, Colgate Searle, Wintersession, Gary Metz, Szymon Boiko, cabaret, Dirk Bach, Great Slidebox Swap, RISD Museum, Frank Robinson, Private Parts, Lee Hall, Murray Danforth, European Honors Program (EHP), RISD Oral Histories, oral history, archives, interview


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