Flux | 2017 Ceramics Department Triennial

Curatorial Statement

Flux is one of three main components of clays and glazes. It is what allows the glass in clay and glaze to melt together and become strong.

RISD Ceramics teaches the complex nature of ceramics. This begins on a structural and molecular basis, with the fundamentals of chemistry and building technique. As students grow, they learn to mold these characteristics into unique narrative work.

Though the industry evolves as technology improves, raw clay has always been the same material. Students explore the contextual implications of using ceramics in their art and design. Outcomes range from traditional functional applications to environmental or emotional abstractions and beyond.

The body of work exhibited today represents the dynamic experience of our full department of 2016-17 as well as selected recent graduate works.

"Like our minds, clay attempts to save the form it is given" - R. Buglio

Through impressions made of impressions, we present the 2017 Ceramics Triennial : Flux