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CBS Television Division Education Department Teaching Supplement.

The Educated Eye II and Children and God movable record cover, [early 1970s?] ...record cover bearing the title The Educated Eye II [...] containing Tony Schwartz's vinyl record, Children and God. The cover, illustrated with black-and-white photographs taken by Ken Heyman at the Dalton School in New York City, consists of flaps that can be unfolded and reassembled into a three- dimensional "house" or "school" building Illustrated instructions for assembling the building are provided on the inside of the front cover flap, along with notes about Heyman's photographs and Schwartz's recording by Dalton headmaster Donald Barr. – Description from The Library of Congress Tony Schwartz Collection Finding Aid .

Waniga gift includes two copies of Schwartz's Children and God LP record, one intact, one with significant chipping on edge. Includes buildable house, two records, and liner notes booklet that unfolds into a poster of a child painting on the floor. Liner notes read:

"Every minute of a child's life is in itself an act of creation. A child's great work of art is the adult he becomes – himself at thirty – and he prepares for his masterpiece by making many apprentice selves and journeyman selves. That preparation is going on busily in every corner of any school. This album is our attempt to convey some glimpses of that preparation at the Dalton School.

The pictures are by Ken Heyman. An anthropologist of the camera as well as a poet of the camera, he has photographed in every part of the world those fleeting, profound stances and grimaces which reveal the ways in which children and adults think of themselves, and think of the human world around them. The little eager selves, each of them a button-nosed cosmos, which he has photographed at Dalton make up the portrait of a school – the portrait of more than one school: many are the portrait of what a school tries to do.

The record, called "Children and God," sets Dalton in the context of New York City. Tony Schwartz, the extraordinary pictorialist-in-sound who produced it, writes:" 'Children and God' was recorded during a three-and-a-half-month period in all sections of New York City. The children are speaking at home and in their schools, both private and public ... children of all faiths and no faith. Children of the Dalton School are represented along with children of many other schools. Some parents may feel that their children should not hear the differing thoughts, while other parents feel 'Children and God' is a wonderful way to open a discussion of religion and show how each child may have his own ideas."

Donald Barr, Headmaster

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The Educated Eye II, The Dalton School, Children and God LP Records



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