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RISD Museum of Art - Pendleton House
Alfred Stone and Charles E. Carpenter


UNBOUND 2018 Program
RISD Unbound, RISD Library, and Olivia de Salve Villedieu


RISD Faculty Values Statement
Rhode Island School of Design


Biodesign Exhibition Catalog
Nature Lab, RISD Co-Works, Campus Exhibitions, David Kim, Lucia Monge, William Myers, and Angela Torchio


Juniors | Class of '15
Rhode Island School of Design, Paul Wu, Andrea Dyes, Julia Han, Gina Park, Elizabeth Hilfiger, Chaz Aracil, Fred Mezidor, Steve Smith, Megan Mary Mitchell, Noah Goetsch Berch, MacKenzie Yamamoto-Lane, Cecil Chekovsky, Michaela Knittel, Colin LoCascio, and Erato Hadjiyianni

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