Teaching + Learning in Art + Design

Teaching + Learning in Art + Design

Department Head: Shana Cinquemani

Teaching + Learning in Art + Design (TLAD) offers graduate students a progressive and dynamic center of inquiry and practice that directly links academic study to engagement with communities beyond campus. TLAD students both explore and contribute to the development of new practices in art and design teaching across an arts learning continuum spanning from kindergarten to college and beyond.

In both the MAT and MA programs, practice-based studies with RISD professors and visiting professionals are enriched through ever-evolving partnerships with the RISD Museum, Brown University, community-based youth arts organizations and public and independent schools.

"It’s so essential for art educators to be engaged in an art and design community like RISD’s – and also to be working off campus in the field. Beyond gaining solid footing in the theoretical context of art education, students here welcome the many opportunities we offer to work with young people in meaningful ways.”- Paul Sproll, former Department Head, Professor Emeritus, and Founding Director of Project Open Door


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