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"The student-curated exhibition “Boating in the Floating World” focuses on images of boats in ukiyo-e prints as represented in some works from the collection of the RISD Museum. Boats were occasionally depicted in the 18th century celebrity-focused figurative genres. Fairly often they appeared in bijinga – images of beauties, rarely in yakusha-e – portraits of kabuki theater actors, sometimes in compositions derived from literature, history or lore. Nautical motifs became much more pronounced from 1830s with the powerful upsurge of the landscape genre that is believed to have been triggered by the increasingly available Berlin blue – a non-fugitive artificial pigment of deep, saturated hues. Views of well-known places, widely familiar both as nature sites and scenes of ordinary life became shown in different seasons, time of the day and weather conditions. These landscape images were easily relatable to a broad variety of print viewers and, additionally, carried new profundity hidden within everyday motifs. ..." -- Foreword, Boating in the Floating World

Contributing Authors

Tanya Agarwal, Kaylyn Chileen, Hye Jin Cho, Jeongmun Victoria Choi, Jane Gorelik, Max Hertz, Xiner Jiang, Olivia Kim, Junsun Ko, Kanika Kumar, Elizaveta Lazarchuk, Daniel Lee, Qihang Li, Victoria Liang, William Mitchell, Jonathan Muroya, Mallika Nanda, Samantha NG, Chaeri Park, Zying Jennie Peng, Sophie Sena, Iain Wall, Naiqian Mac Wang, Sonia Wang, Yihan Wang, Jen Chenyu Zhang, Cindy Zhang

Publication Date

Fall 2018


traditional format (bookbinding process), japanese


Elena Varshavskaya


Ukiyo-e Prints (H791)




Ukiyo-e prints, Katsushika Hokusai, Tago Coast, Kazusa, Nihonbashi, open water “push-through” boats oshiokuri-bune, coastal trading vessel bezai-sen, hull, rudder, sail, ferry, ferryboat, ferrymen, raft, rafters, bonito fishing, cargo boats, fishermen, sailors, Dutch studies rangaku, telescope microscope, peep-box nozoki-karakuri; Chūnagon Yakamochi, Abe no Nakamaro; Utagawa Hiroshige, Kanagawa, Rokugo Ferry at Kawasaki, The Tenryū River at Mitsuke, Ferryboats at Arai, Omi Province, Lake Biwa, Katada, Yabase, Arashiyama, Tosa Province, Chobunsai Eishi, pleasure boats, Sumida River, Ryōgoku Bridge, Evening Cool, Fireworks’ Utagawa Kuniyoshi, historical boats, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Ship of Yojibei


Art and Design | Japanese Studies | Theory and Criticism

Boating in the Floating World: ukiyo-e prints (2018)



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