THAD Student Work

RISD students are known for their insightful academic projects in classes taught by the faculty in THAD (department of Theory and History of Art and Design). Aspiring artists and designers covet deep knowledge and understanding of multiple artistic traditions, manifold creative approaches and principles, ideas and ideologies, art forms and materials and their historical contexts. They look into relationships between patrons and audience, authorities and creators, arts of the past and of the present, histories of cross-cultural encounters, indigeneity, modernism, colonialism, and decolonization. They are thrilled to learn from the original works of art at the RISD Museum, gaining experience in close looking to develop visual and contextual analysis.

RISD students bring to these explorations an invaluable experience of their wide-ranging backgrounds, interests, skills, combined with their unending enthusiasm, inquisitive spirit, and readiness to experiment. Some examples of student projects are shared here.


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