Critical Making | Making Critical presents our vision of how RISD can best educate and support artists and designers for a changing world in ways that respect our founding ideals and reflect who we are as an institution. The planning process widely engaged the RISD community and involved careful consideration of the dynamics of the changing landscape.

The highest priority proposed for the plan is to enhance our educational model – one that nurtures critical making, thinking and innovation through immersive, disciplinary learning and engagement in the practice of art and design. Along with an emphasis on teaching and educational excellence, the plan ranks research, critical making and innovation, student engagement and diversity among its priorities. To further our mission, we will strengthen our support infrastructure, focusing on clearly defined objectives.

Successful implementation of this plan will enable RISD to prepare our students to be thinkers, makers and innovators in a world of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. It will expand our role as cultural leaders in the greater Providence community, across the country and throughout the world. And it will honor RISD’s rich past while building our capacity to shape the future with confidence, creativity and a passion for excellence in art and design education.


Submissions from 2012


Critical Making | Making Critical, Rhode Island School of Design