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144 unnumbered leaves of plates : all illustrations. Curated title for Fleet Library Special Collections book cover exhibition Bound to Please, fall 2022. Printed by Plimpton Press, Norwood, Mass. "Gods' Man is a wordless novel by American artist Lynd Ward (1905-1985) published in 1929. In 139 captionless woodblock prints, it tells the Faustian story of an artist who signs away his soul for a magic paintbrush. Gods' Man was the first American wordless novel, and is considered a precursor of the graphic novel, whose development it influenced."--Wikipedia. Cover also designed by Ward. Gift of Robert Garzillo."

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New York : Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith, c1929.


Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith


New York


Bound to Please Exhibit 2022; stories without words; wood engravings (prints); novels; graphic novels; printmaking; illustration



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God's Man

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