Legend : An A-Z of the Lea Valley


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[42] pages : all illustrations. Cover title. Issued in a limited edition of 51 copies, 11 of which went to artists and apprentices, leaving a special edition of 40 copies. "Legend: An A-Z of the Lea Valley is a poetic miscellany of the facts and fiction of a changing landscape. With images made using reclaimed demolition material and marshland vegetation each pop-up page is a moving vision of urban change as pylons collapse, tower blocks grow, and bombs drop. This handheld animation of regeneration is local and universal charting and reimagining industrial decline, mutating place names, flora and fauna and local legends."--Artist's website. "It was conceived of through long term making and being in the ever changing Lower Lea Valley of East London in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympics and developed during an AHRC Fellowship in the creative and performing arts at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL."--Colophon. An A-Z pop-up book charting the imaginative history of East London's changing area of the Lea Valley, made and assembled locally on a public production line where making becomes performance.--Description from Kaleid edtions website. "The images for the books are primarily collagraphs produced using a range of scrap materials, local vegetation and a found mangle. It is litho printed and laser cut locally and combines extreme DIY, handmade elements with digital technologies."--Description from Kaleid editions. Green cloth binding, title stamped in gold on cover only. Birgit Skiöld Memorial Trust Purchase Award winner, London Art Book Fair 2014.


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Stratford, England : Sugarhouse Studios, 2014.


Sugarhouse Studios


Stratford, England


Alphabet books; pop-up books; toy and movable books; artists' books.


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Legend : An A-Z of the Lea Valley