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[1], 31, iv pages : color illustrations. Curated title for Fleet Library Special Collections book cover exhibition Bound to Please, fall 2022. Ornamental borders, and illustrations, in color. "Remarks of the illuminator. Descriptive index of the miracles" signed: H.N.H. [i.e. Henry Noel Humphreys] "The title-page contains a figure of the Saviour .. in a niche, ornamented in a style corresponding with the rest of the volume."--page iii. "It has been sought to render the [papier mâché] cover also appropriate, by enriching it with medallions representing the principal miracles; it has been partly taken from a .. cover in carved ivory, executed in the 12th century .. The designs of the medallions are original."--page iv. "The English firm Jackson & Sons held the patent for the papier-mâché bindings of the mid-1840s to 1860s that are associated with Henry Noel Humphreys. Intended to imitate medieval hand-carved bindings and architectural sculpture, so-called papier-mâché bindings were made from a molded mixture of plaster, a filler, and possibly actual papier-mâché and antimony."

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London : Longman & Co., 1848.


Longman & Co.




Bound to Please Exhibit 2022; bookbinding (process|process|); miracles; Christianity; illustration (process); illustrations (layout features)


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The Miracles of Our Lord



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