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40 pages : illustrations ; 22 cm. A collection of poems for and about children, particularly those living in big cities. Contents: Mexie and Bridie -- Val -- Timmy and Tawanda -- Narcissa -- Andre -- Keziah -- Charles -- Cynthia in the snow -- John, who is poor -- Paulette -- Rudolph is tired of the city -- Eppie -- Ella -- Dave -- Luther and Breck -- Michael is afraid of the storm -- Eldora, who is rich -- Beulah at church -- Skipper -- Robert, who is often a stranger to himself -- Lyle -- Nora -- Mirthine at the party -- Maurice -- De Koven -- Gertrude -- Marie Lucille -- Cheryl's Mootsie -- Jim -- Eunice in the evening -- Vern -- Otto -- Tommy -- Admiration of Willy. Illustration on title page. Case binding. Walter Lorraine Fund.

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New York : Harper & Row, Publishers, [1956]


Harper & Row


New York


illustration, children's books, case bindings, poetry; cities, African Americans, children, African American poets, African American poetry


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Bronzeville Boys and Girls



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