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GRAND PURCHASE PRIZE | $500 Purchase prize winners receive a cash reward and the books are added to the Fleet Library at RISD Special Collections' Artists' Book collection. Entry for the 9th Annual Baker & Whitehill Student Artists' Book Contest. Opening Reception Thursday, March 02, 2023, Fleet Library, Main Reading Room. Juror: Andre Lee Bassuet.


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Undergraduate student

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Faculty / Course

Sarah Hulsey, Bookbinding

Materials + Techniques

Watercolor and Embroidery on Muslin

Student Narrative

How to Tame a Jaguar investigates my ongoing research on my cultural background of Peru. In Incan mythology, a dual-gendered Jaguar deity by the name of Chuqui Chinchay is attended to by shamans called quariwarmi. Quariwarmi were androgynous, cross-dressing people; they navigated a necessary non-binary gender in pre-Columbian Peru. In my embroidered book, I made a poem to reflect the process of transforming into a Jaguar—by doing so, I explore my own queerness in reconnecting with my cultural past. The concept of “bodies” is assessed in my work as a thing of change, of transformation. By taming and controlling this transformation, I seize power over my own body away from colonized gender constructs.

How to Tame a Jaguar



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