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artists' books; pamphlets; cell towers; communication (function); urban; New York, New York, United States; commons; urban land use; Van Cortlandt Park; garlic mustard; wild plants; foraging


2 unnumbered pages (1 folded) : color illustrations. "Brain washing from phone towers informational pamphlets" Series "June 2023" Letterpress and relief printed pages (one fold-out) bound with pamphlet stitch in printed paper covers. "Brain Washing From Phone Towers is a series of informative and entertaining Informational Pamphlets produced by hand on a seasonal basis. These small-scale publications combine text (handset in metal type) and image (carved in wood or linoleum) produced via obsolete technology in editioned works which are distributed at will to a chosen audience. The content of the series aims for historical interest, commemorative intent and a healthy dose of humor, and the distribution methods are based on the values of the gift economy."--Provided by artist. Feral is the Summer 2023 informational pamphlet. It is a brief introduction to foraging in the urban context, for food, color, and fiber. What role does foraging play for city residents? What questions should you ask yourself if you are interested in foraging? Where can you forage in NYC? What can you use foraged plants for? What is the difference between a park and a commons? Edition of 250, printed letterpress from metal type and linocut relief blocks.--Artist's website.

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NYC : Sarah Nicholls, 2023.


© NYC : Sarah Nicholls, 2023.

Materials / Techniques

pamphlet bindings; letterpress printing; woodcuts (prints); linocuts (prints); linoleum-block printing; relief prints


23 x 13 cm




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