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artists' books; philosophy


[102] pages : illustrations . Alternate Titles: Neopostmodrinism; Neopostmodernism; Dieser Rasen ist kein Hundeklo. Half title: Neopostmodernism, or, Dieser Rasen ist kein Hundeklo, or, Gabberjab number 6. Series: Hamady, Walter. Interminable gabberjabb ; 6. No. 6 of the author's Interminable gabberjabb "series." Limited edition of 125 copies. Signatures: [1]⁴ [2]¹² [3]⁸ [4]¹⁰ [5]⁸ [6]¹⁰. Page count runs from [1]₁b to [6]₁₀a. [2]₉ and [2]₁₀, though joined to form a double leaf, have printing on one of the facing surfaces.

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[Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin] : Perishable Press, 1988.


©[Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin] : Perishable Press, 1988.

Materials / Techniques

graphic design; typography; fonts (type composition equipment); collage (technique); bookbinding (process|process|); mixed media; embossing; printmaking; letterpress printing


18 x 25 cm

Neopostmodrinism, or, Dieser Rasen ist kein Hundeklo, or, Gub²rzub² number 6, or, The incognita of Rita's deep time coexisting within central discoveries of the thermodynamic dichotomy of western thought : observed impregnant meanings & transhistorical justifications



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