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artists' books; phonograph records; languages (established systems of communication); languages and writing systems by specific type; collage (technique); communication functions; communication (function); series (groups)


volumes : illustrations . Each issue has also distinctive title: volume 1. Visual, verbal, networking ; volume 2. Polyartistry. Edited by Miekal And & Elizabeth Was. Volume 1 includes a painted, decorated 45-rpm record "Depicture DisK" in printed sleeve with title: Masculine propaganda dish / The Elastic Ecstatic. Record produced in a limited edtion of 200.

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Madison, WI : Xexoxial Editions, [1986]-


©Madison, WI : Xexoxial Editions, [1986]-

Materials / Techniques

marbling; printmaking; graphic design; collage (technique); colored paper; typography


22 cm

The Acts, The Shelflife: Visual, Verbal, Networking



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