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artists' books; Ohio, United States; poetry; letterpress printing; psychology


12 leaves (interleaved) : color illustrations. "Edition of 18"--Colophon Unryu white paper and Strathmore tracing paper pages with Haijiro cover paper. Digital images and letterpress text on two overlapping pamphlet stitched signatures in a trifold cover inside a Khadi paper phase box enclosure. Letterpress printing completed at a residency at In Cahoots, Petaluma, CA. "The text is a poem inspired by an article on Lost Person Behavior, the science of knowing where to search for someone based on which of 41 profiles applies. Implicit in my poem are hard things, feeling forlorn when contemplating a family history of depression, substance abuse, dementia, suicide and other mostly unseen manifestations of hopelessness. There are so many ways to be lost - the thesaurus entry lists over 60 words for lost including disoriented and vanished. Pulling apart and fracturing my poem's lines set them adrift amid images of my aerial snow-covered landscapes photographed on a winter flight and overlaid with askew grids."--Colophon Pamphlet stitch. Library has copy no. 5.

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[Gambier, Ohio] : [Unit IV Arts], [2021]


©[Gambier, Ohio] : [Unit IV Arts], [2021]

Materials / Techniques

tracing paper; letterpress printing; digital images; pamphlet bindings; paper


22 cm

Geography of Lost



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