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artists' books; Lorenz, Angela (American book artist, born 1965, active in Italy); magic lanterns; museums


1 volume (unpaged) : ill.. "Magic Lantern Edition" "'The Theater of nature...' is a variation on the original format, in which the water-colors are replaced by nine transparencies, alluding to the rise of photography and cinematography in 16th century magic lanterns. Most of the images are based on manuscript illustrations commissioned by Ulisse Aldrovandi (1522-1605), the first professor of natural history appointed in Italy and creator of an extensive museum of natural artifacts."--Colophon. Two mounted accordion fold illustrated texts. Each are printed on both sides and include color transparencies. Limited edition of 10 copies, numbered and signed by the artist. Issued in folding paper case, which when mounted, represents a camera obscura. Library has copy no. 6. Sally Hume Lincoln Memorial Fund.

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Bologna, Italy : A. Lorenz, 2000.


©Bologna, Italy : A. Lorenz, 2000.

Materials / Techniques

transparencies; folded books; paper


20 cm.

The Theater of Nature, or, Curiosity Filled the Cabinet



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