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artists' books; Lorenz, Angela (American book artist, born 1965, active in Italy); soap (organic material)


1 picture album in case + 6 bars of soap. Title from case. Edition of 200 copies. Typeface for silkscreen and lithograph in Stone Sans and Stone Serif. Cover embossing and lithograph printing by Stamperia Valdonega of Verona. Linen from Gori Tessuti of Prato, soap from Saponificio A. Gori of Arezzo. Both case and soap are wrapped and tied as indicated in the summary note. "This artists's book tells the story of a young woman in Calabria, Italy during the 1950's, whose real life reads like a fairy tale, or a soap opera, in six installments. In order to give lasting form to this oral history, the reader must release the text, silk-screened on linen pages, from six tiny bars of soap, with numbers imprinted with lead type. After hanging to dry, ironing optional, the rags slot into six acid-free pages with oval die-cuts, through which the text remains visible. The pages are bound with a linen rag into a handmade, cloth-covered album, with the title embossed into a raised oval on the front cover. The book is housed in a matching cloth-covered box, lined with rags and sealed with a color-lithographed soap label."--from the soap bars wrapper

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[Bologna, Italy] : A. Lorenz, 1999.


©[Bologna, Italy] : A. Lorenz, 1999.

Materials / Techniques

screen printing; lithographs; embossing; linen (material); soap (organic material); paper


12 x 16 cm

Soap Story : An Artist's Book



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