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5 volumes : chiefly color illustrations,. "On inauguration day January 20, 2017, artist Richard Kraft began issuing Donald Trump colored cards, just as a soccer referee penalizes players who transgress the rules and code of conduct. For four years, Kraft scoured the news and Trump's Twitter feed every day, notating and assigning each of Trump's transgressions a colored penalty card (at first, yellow and red, as in soccer--and then Kraft devised magenta, purple, and crimson for ever-escalating offenses). Kraft issued almost 10,000 cards to Trump, half of them in 2020. In this set of five artist's books, totaling over 1600 pages, the every-mutating, accumulating grids of colored cards reveal the frequency, chronology, and intensity of Trump's transgressions. They also become an almost hyperopic landscape--evoking musical notation, abstract painting, the processing of digital information, or geologic strata"--Publisher advertisement Editors: Lisa Peterson and Elizabeth Zuba. Index: Elizabeth Zuba. Cover and book design: Natalie Kraft and Richard Kraft. In slipcase. Errata card inserted (15 x 10 cm). Includes "Siglio ephemera #15" a [6] page folded color illustration, with subtitle on cover (20 x 13 cm). Case bindings. Volume cover colors: yellow, red, magenta, purple, and crimson. Fleet Library at RISD is listed in the "supporters who funded a Kickstarter campaign in the fall of 2020." volume one, page [5].

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[Catskill, New York] : Siglio Press, 2021.


©[Catskill, New York] : Siglio Press, 2021.

Materials / Techniques

slipcases; errata slips; paper


22 cm

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