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artists' books; dolls; costumes; paper dolls; textile mills


1 artist's book : color illustrations. Written, designed, and produced by Irene Chan ... produced in an edition of 10 copies. Place of publication for Elsewhere Artist Collaborative from box. Digital prints of cut paper doll clothes. Found object into sculptural book. Printed and illustrated paper box with paper doll, doll clothes, and printed leaf of references for text and images. "American textile history is printed on sixteen paper doll Barbie's clothes. Original doll from 1980 found at Elsewhere Museum and Residency. History is in the form of text and images from mill worker interviews and portraits, tools, statistics, and mill life folk songs"--Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers website. "Includes these paper doll outfits: Cotton picker: Green skirt and blouse showing on the skirt image of cotton picker in fields; Mill girls' spirits: Blue prom dress showing ghosts of young mill girls; Spin and spool: Green and white turtle neck sweater with words "spin and spool;" Charred mills: Brown belted coat with industrial town skyline around hem. Mill tools: Long pink sleeveless dress, slits up the sides with tools pattern; Textile mills: Skinny pants with textile mill illustration design; Loom: Evening gown with boa showing woman at loom.; Mill worker: jacket, blouse, and skirt with image of mill worker and history of skirt.; Mills are closed: Long sleeve shirt with white overblouse with words "Mills closed / 1990-1997"-Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers website.

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[Washington, DC] : Ch'An Press, 2007.


©[Washington, DC] : Ch'An Press, 2007.

Materials / Techniques

digital prints; illustration (process); paper


12 x 35 cm

Barbie Paper Doll: A Transformed Wardrobe With Textile Mill History



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