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artists' books; spirals; helices


116 pages : all illustrated. "The helix is chiral and exists in two varieties, S and Z. The book Z Helix developed around the manufacturing conventions of coil bindings (which are only available as Z helices), and the color and structure of the sculpture 'Square Helix (Z)' which was included in an exhibition entitled The New Ambidextrous Universe at the ICA London in 2014. The book contains five Z helices"--Insert. Two color coils interweaved. Spiral bindings in orange and blue. Indigo print on 4mm transparency film. Housed in a corrugated cardboard box (31 x 26 cm) Title, author and imprint info stamped with a custom rubber stamp on container.

RISD Fleet Library Catalog Record


New York : Diagonal Press, 2014


©New York : Diagonal Press, 2014

Materials / Techniques

spiral bindings; coil bindings; paper; transparency film


27 cm

Z Helix



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