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artists' books; Hamady, Walter Samuel Haatoum (American book designer, typographer, and poet, born 1940); letterpress printing


154 pages : ilustrations (some color). Hamady, Walter. Interminable gabberjabb ; 7. Remainder of title consists of 15 more alternative titles: "... A typographical clarification of the interchangea(æ)bility of books, boats and texts, or, A study : parthenomic g-section as ideal gyros, or, Limipsd quantippsi , or, An interjacent discourse with visible language, or, A continuation of artists as dogs and other zootomical zooids 6, or, Integrated translations from Greek and German, or, The aquifer as conduit of human consciousness, or, Similar (and familiar) properties of real yogurt, typography and the art of the book, or, The war of the footnotists and the endnotists, or, A study : the national styles of military camouflage, or, The book as an autodidactic pedagogically aleatory tutorial, or, The antepenultimate gabberjab, or, Community collaborations, see 367, or, Any number of other things not known at this time on the ninety-fifth day of this year with the text block only approximately 19/32 to 21/32 completed, or maybe, Travelling with an exclusive photo essay by Ruth Evans Brinker". Title page heavily footnoted. "... printing began 7 June 1991 and finished friday 13 September 1996 employing an unthinkable number of press-runs, typefaces and sizes, ink colors, hand/mould/machine-made papers, and odd applications. Edition is 125 copies, each numbered at least fifteen times, signed five and notarized"--Colophon. "154 page surfaces, all printed, collaged, rubber stamped, drilled, notched, pigment patterned, (ticket) punched, numbered, signed, grommeted, scribed, ear tattooed, drawn, camouflaged or timeclocked. Hand-hard-bound by the printer/publisher, a varigated cloth spine, some printed with an anatomical spine diagram; various old maps over boards, some obviously worn by time and use, no two alike. This book is quintessentially (The) Perishable Press (Limited) ... Each copy is numbered at least nineteen times and signed ten"--Prospectus. The 122nd book from the press. Notes continued from earlier volumes in series; "Bibliography & list of references, alphabetically by title" given as note numbers from entire series. Bound in a variety of styles: 30 copies with green cloth spine and map over boards; 5 copies with French anatomical drawing of spine printed in red on black cloth spine, and Maziarczyk paste-paper over boards and as endpapers; 5 copies with grey unprinted spine and 1956 overhead view of midtown Manhattan over boards. Library has copy no. 79.

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Mount Horeb, Wisconsin : Perishable Press, Limtd., 1996


©Mount Horeb, Wisconsin : Perishable Press, Limtd., 1996

Materials / Techniques

collage (technique); rubber stamps; notching; drilling (process); patterning; grommets; drawing (image-making); camouflage; hand binding; letterpress printing; paper; book cloth (textile material); maps


27 cm

Travelling, or, NeoPostModrinPreMortemism : or, Dieser Rasen ist kein Hundeklo (II), or, Interminable gabberjab number seven ...



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