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artists' books; wasps; nests; altered book; Stacked & Altered exhibition, summer 2022


1 artists' book. Edition of three numbered and signed copies. Title, artist's name, edition statement, and artist's email address written in pencil on paper board which attaches the cover boards in place. Publication date from artist's invoice. "The title of this work is taken from the title of the book 'the end of wasp season' which has been altered into the form of a wasp nest. Nine small whirlwind bound books are nestled into the brood cells, tucked away like larvae. Within the brood cells images of wasps have been rubber stamped in social groupings, but their numbers decrease leaving very few wasps in the cells at the end of the book. The nine small books address the issue of pesticide use. The first page of each book incites an immediate visceral response to a wasp encounter. The second and third pages consider prenatal exposure to a common household pesticide synergist, piperonyl butoxide, and its harmful effects on neurodevelopment as discussed in studies published in the Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics and Environmental Health Perspectives."--Artists' statement. "The imagery used in the nine small books are manipulated ultrasound images of both of my children."--Artists' statement. Library has copy no. 1. Curated title for Fleet Library Special Collections exhibition Stacked & Altered, summer 2022.

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Rochester Hills, Michigan : Erin K. Schmidt, 2015.


©Rochester Hills, Michigan : Erin K. Schmidt, 2015.

Materials / Techniques

illustration (process); alteration (process and technique); paper


24 x 16 x 20 cm

The End of the Wasp Season



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