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12 unnumbered pages : color illustrations, map . "With a tip of the hat to printers and activists of the past, American Manifesto calls the United States citizens to action on a number of national concerns--our country's health, leadership, and environment, to name a few"--Artist's statement at the Vamp & Tramp Booksellers' website, viewed on September 1, 2015. "If America really is the best country on earth... why do so many of our people go hungry? Why do our leaders consistently work for corporate interests rather than individuals' rights? How can our leaders, the media, and we the public still be ignorant to the factual reality of climate change? Why can someone go to prison for a minor drug offense while the people who brought our economy to its knees still receive bonuses? Why are we still taking off our shoes to fly? How can 2/3 of American's population be overweight when people here and around the world go hungry? How is it acceptable to make fuel from food? Why don't we Americans question policies?"--Cover page 4. "Letterpress printed in three colors on a Heidelberg 10x15 Windmill. Printed on 100% cotton Crane Lettra Pearl White in Solano, Gotham, and Kaine typefaces. [Single signature stapled] in Condenons So. Wool Red Tartan paper wraps"--Vamp & Tramp Booksellers' website, viewed on September 1, 2015. Includes references sheet laid in. Cover letterpress printed in black on red. Staple binding

RISD Fleet Library Catalog Record


Minneapolis, MN : Angel Bomb, [2014]


©Thyberg, Todd M. Minneapolis, MN: Angel Bomb, 2014.

Materials / Techniques

letterpress printing; staple bindings; paper


22 cm

American Manifesto



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