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5 folding panels . "Your Name is Safe, You Can Rest Now is a letter to my great-uncle Rikio who died in WWII explaining the impact that his death had on our family for generations. Every household in my family had this photograph of his funeral on their butsudan, a Buddhist altar. Rikio fought in the US Army Infantry 442nd Regiment which consisted almost entirely of second-generation Japanese Americans, and holds the record of being the most highly decorated unit in US Military History. While Rikio and others in Hawaii fought for the US, our family members on the mainland were held in internment camps. Rikio was the youngest of my grandmother's siblings, and was killed in action in 1944 at the age of 20"--accompanying materials.

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[Oakland, California] : Coyote Bones Press, 2018.


©Schroeder, Keri Miki-Lani, Oakland, CA: Coyote Bones Press, 2018.

Materials / Techniques

inkjet prints; inkjet printing; folded books; handmade paper


26 x 15 cm

your name is safe, you can rest now



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