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artists' books; racial discrimination; blackface entertainers; racism, United States


1 volume, 28 unnumbered pages. Black people in America have been taxonomized as "savages" or "lazy" and dehumanized by mainstream media which are derivatives of early scientific racism. Back in the 19th century, blackface was used primarily by white performers to demean Black people and as a source of entertainment. The titling of this publication, Pot Calling the Kettle Black, is an idiom used in the Black household to underscore blatant hypocrisy. This publication offers critical observation of the use of blackface and its variations found deeply embedded in cartoons, pop culture, the fashion industry, and beyond.-- Work / Play.

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[St. Louis, MO] : Work / Play, 2019.


©St. Louis, MO: Work / Play, 2019.

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staple bindings; paper


24 cm

Pot calling the kettle black



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