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artists' books; Japanese paper (handmade paper); baskets in art


1 volume, 24 pages . Cover title. Unique copy. "A basket is a Reminder celebrates baskets and their overlooked role in creating and advancing human culture and life."--colophon. Pages of handcut handmade paper, laminated. One side is made of iris leaves; the reverse is of milkweed parts (seeds, coma, pods, bast fiber, inner stalk), cutouts, ink on handmade laminated paper (iris + milkweed). Text inkjet printing on handmade yucca paper. Sewn binding. Covers of walnut inked hanji basket rolled onto Arches Cover paper. Laid in four-fold wrapper with title printed on front flap. Plant harvesting and processing, papermaking, writing, and binding by the artist. Signed and dated by the artist. Copyright date hand written on back cover. Colophon printed on wrapper.

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Cleveland, Ohio : Bionic Hearing Press, 2017.


©Lee, Aimee, Cleveland, OH: Bionic Hearing Press, 2017.

Materials / Techniques

inkjet printing; paper


10 x 12 cm

A Basket is a reminder



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