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artists' books; reflections (perceived properties); light (energy); Color


1 volume, 54 pages . Watermark and hand-stitching on page preceding title page. "A triangular prism is a transparent object, with ends in the shape of a triangle, which separates light that passes through it into the colors of the rainbow." "Helen Hiebert made all the papers in this book by hand. The colored text papers are all 100% premium abaca, colored with aqueous dispersed pigments mixed by Lata Gedala ... The cover is a cotton/abaca pulp blend with a pulp painting in abaca. All text was letterpress printed by Tom Leech at the Press at the Palace of the Governors in Santa Fe, New Mexico from polymer plates made by Boxcar Press. The typefaces are Dante and Futura. Claudia Cohen created the box."--Colophon. "This book explores the wonder of that interaction between color and light. As you flip through the pages, you will see 24 analogous colors (each new hue sharing some of the color of the page next to it). It's my attempt, as a paper artist, to capture the essence of a rainbow within the pages of the book. All 54 pages plus the cover of this book are stitched together into a single signature allowing the soft, deckled edges of the colors to meet at the fore-edge, blending and transitioning from one to the next as colored light does in a rainbow. The action of turning the thin, translucent pages, combined with the light source in the space you are viewing them in, creates an experience with color and light."--Helen Hiebert artist's statement.

RISD Fleet Library Catalog Record


Red Cliff, Colorado : Helen Hiebert Studio, 2019.


©Hiebert, Helen, Red Cliff, Colorado: Helen Hiebert Studio, 2019.

Materials / Techniques

papermaking; paper


32 cm




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