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1 volume. "The artist found eight shoe boxes in her parents' laundry room full of recipes--over 8,000. Each book has original recipe cards; therefore, each is a variant, as the recipes will be different. The recipes represent her family life growing up where she felt warm & safe 'inside the kitchen with soup on the stove and bread in the oven.' Today the environment she lives in is 'frayed, full of loose ends, and knots.' Using this backdrop of happiness that the recipes represent for her she presents eight questions for us about the current status of our society--Why can't we protect our children from gun violence? Why can't we stop killing people out of hatred? Why can't we help those less fortunate? Why can't we take care of our environment? Why can't our elected officials be ethical? Why can't a woman choose what happens to her body? Why do we need so many bombs?"--Vamp & Tramp Booksellers' website, viewed February 5, 2020. llustrated, letterpress-printed paper-covered boards with sewn concertina spine with title on page 1 of cover. Cloth paste-downs. Covers hold decorative fabric pages with embroidered designs and text, and twelve handwritten recipe cards from the artist's parents' house either in cloth pockets or sewn directly to pages. Recipe cards are modified with letterpress printed text and images, and inkjet printed images. Colophon, in the form of a handwritten letter from the artist to her parents, is folded and inserted in a pocket on page 3 of cover. Concertina binding. Letterpress and inkjet printing.

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[Waukesha, Wisconsin] : [Citron Press], [2018]


©Copoulos-Selle, Stephanie, Waukesha, WI: Citron Press, 2018.

Materials / Techniques

letterpress printing; paper


21 cm

Eight Questions: A recipe for change



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