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artists' books; African American women artists; african American women; blackc; body image in women; hair; hairdressing; racism in art; discrimination


1 cylindrical box . Edition limited to 4 numbered copies signed by the artist. The wooden cylindrical box contains a sculptural representation of tightly curled hair. Text printed on paper is attached to the inside of the lid. The text is reproduced on an included pamphlet. "'When Is Now' questions the appropriate time to expect equal footing and humane action for marginalized populations. The basis of the text was conceived during a time of personal upheaval that coincided with the 2016 US presidential election and speaks to feelings of shock, denial, immobility, anger, helplessness, and sorrow concerning the ensuing political and cultural shift in this country and beyond. It speaks to my connectedness as an 'unheard' to others who are 'unheard' and is a protest against racially motivated acts of terror, unequal citizenship, callous action, and invisibility. What action to take and when to take it is a personal decision and a multi-faceted community has room for many forms of activism. In simple terms, one form is that of patient activism. Improvements progress slowly and peacefully by living as a 'model' citizen by constantly striving for excellence in every aspect of living in order to break down stereotypes."--artist's statement

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[Dallas, Texas] : A Bee Press, 2018.


©Banks, Alisa, Dallas, TX: A Bee Press, 2018.

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9 x 19 cm

When Is Now



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