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1 volume, 26 pages. Cover title. "Gocco printed from original text and design by Shu-Ju Wang. Individual prints by Martha Pomeranz."--Colophon. "Relay Replay Press is dedicated to working with seniors with dementia to create artist's books that illuminate the creative lives of the elderly."--Artist's statement at Vamp & Tramp Booksellers website. Limited ed. of 20 copies. "Martha designed and Gocco printed the individual prints; I designed and Gocco printed the envelopes and the cover. The cover was also dyed with a very diluted acrylic paint; on Rives Lightweight, Nepal Light, and Nepal Heavyweight. Martha took to the Print Gocco like fish to water. She created 18 prints, each full of wonderful little observations about her daily life and sage advice. I thought her prints were like letters to her friends and family, and therefore chose a page format that referenced an envelope form. The book has extra pockets for her to add photographs or keepsakes, and the wrap around cover keeps everything together."--Artist's statement at Vamp & Tramp Booksellers website. Consists of 9 envelope pages to house two prints each. Gocco printed on Rives Lightweight; Nepal Light & Heavyweight. Back cover is extended flap that wraps around to the front with a ribbon and button closure. Blanket stitch around the cover edges. Binding is "Blizzard books", and structure invented by Hedi Kyle.

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[Portland, Or.] : Relay Replay Press, [2008]


©Wang, Shu-Ju, Portland, OR: Relay Replay Press, 2008.

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18 cm




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