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1 volume, 24 pages. "A complex screen printed folding book inspired by the Russian Constructivist designs of the 1930.. social commentary on the perils of shopping, and the evils of the credit card."--publisher website. Edition statement from publisher's website. "The book depicts a visual narrative on supermarket shopping. It explores the effect of shopping on human relationships. Solo and Visa are the names of the protagonists as well as brand names of the products. The concertina fold can be opened in more ways than one, but page numbers help to follow the story. Otto created it in 2011 to accompany an exhibition at Bath Artists Studios, for which he designed wallpaper and signage. It is screen printed using blue and red on yellow card. On one side of the card the blue is opaque and the red transparent, on the other side the red is opaque and the blue transparent."--Information provided by the artist by email 16 September 2013.

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[London] : Design For Today, [2016]


©ottoGraphic, London, UK: Design for Today, 2016

Materials / Techniques

folded books; screen printing; paper


13.5 x 13.5 cm

Visa and Solo



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